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Samaka Consults (U) Ltd opened its doors in December 2013 as a supplier of plastic packaging consumables, industrial chemicals and manufacturing of personal health and hygiene products.

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  • 1) To have our products in every home, hospital, pharmacy and every organization in world wide.
  • 2) To provide innovative packaging solutions to manufacturers.
  • 3) To help change people's mindset from impossible to posible.


  • 1) To manufacture and sell quality personal health and hygiene products, tested and certified.
  • 2) To help people enjoy life by offering an affordable solution to hygiene care.
  • 3)To help people stay fit and healthy.

Samaka Sanitiser

Hands being the primary mode of transmision of microbes, we have offered a solution in form of hand sanitizers to destroy these microbes. Hand hygiene is a simple and least expensive way of preventing microbes infection.
We produce both perfumed (lemon & soft peach flavour) and non perfumed hand sanitiser, with the guidance from Uganda National Bureau of Standards and Ministry of Health.

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Packaging Consumables

At our factory, we do produce an array of packaging consumables including containers, security seals and zipper bag. We offer free professional value addition advice to manufacturers especially startups. We also offer free training on formulation/production of different products to the public and startups.

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