Our Story

Samaka Consults (U) Ltd opened its doors in December 2013 as a supplier of plastic packaging consumables, industrial chemicals and manufacturing of personal health and hygiene products. Our products are fully certified by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards.



  • 1) To manufacture and sell quality personal health and hygiene products, tested and certified.
  • 2) To help people enjoy life by offering an affordable solution to hygiene care.
  • 3)To help people stay fit and healthy.


  • 1) To have our products in every home, hospital, pharmacy and every organization in world wide.
  • 2) To provide innovative packaging solutions to manufacturers.
  • 3) To help change people's mindset from impossible to posible.


  • Respect. Mutual respect binds us together. We comply with ethical work principles and encourage all of those we work with to follow suit. It matters to us how we nurture our relationships with employees, users and business partners.
  • Responsibility. Together with our employees, we are building a safe, healthy and creative company. Our work is planned with people and the environment in mind. All resources are used prudently for a noble cause. By managing and constantly improving processes, we offer high-quality and innovative products.
  • Reliability. We are everywhere, all of the time. Every touch is a unique experience. We invest in the development of people and equipment in cooperation with the best experts. We perform our work consciously and strive to be the best in everything we do.